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Marisa Laren Ink Master Season 6 Contestant: A Woman On Fire!

Ink Master Season 6 contestant Marisa Laren is someone to watch out for. This tattoo artist and bodybuilder may have been eliminated from the competition but many were impressed with this woman’s finesse and talent.

She completed every single challenge the judges asked of her like a pro and displayed her diverse portfolio of tattooing skills and flair, no wonder many hearts were broken after the “Neptune tattoo” episode.

Laren only has 3 years of tattooing experience under her belt, but the woman’s got gifted hands! She knocked out co-competitors with 10, 15 and even 20 years of experience. Basically, Maris Laren’s forte is on neo-traditional tattoos and dot-work mandalas. But given her ability to adapt to different situations gives her a huge potential to reach greater heights!

MarisaLarenHer relationship with Tyler Nolan (another contestant on Ink Master) made her and Nolan the first Ink Master “power couple”. In an interview, she admitted that Nolan definitely helped her with the stress of the competition:

“I think it definitely helped with the stress. Having someone there that can help calm you down or pep talk you when you have a bad day is always positive. Especially in a stressful situation like a competition. We are still a couple. We are super happy together and I’m lucky to have him.”


At present, she’s still busy working at the shop. The only thing that has changed is that people recognize her more now. Is that a good thing? Well yes it is!

Marisa Laren may not have emerged as the champion but she definitely won the hearts of many. With her undeniable talent, no one can stop her to soar high!

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