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Aziz Shavershian

With how fast-pacing this world has become, everything comes in an instant but not staying fit and healthy. Achieving that magazine-like perfect body takes time before you could actually enjoy it.

Since there are a lot of food out there that can make all of us fat, being fit is very challenging for a lot of people. But not for one of the most famous internet sensation when it comes to body building, Aziz Shavershian or more popularly known to many as “Zyzz.”

Just like many other teenage boys, Zyzz wanted to impress girls during his young age. One of the most creative ways he thought of doing was body building. This is after he was inspired by his body builder brother, Said Shavershian. After being inspired by his brother and completing his secondary education, he started joining a local gym and learning more about nutrition, he started his bodybuilding career.

bsdrwoVb3REHis career as an internet sensation reached its hype in the year 2007 through few Youtube videos. But before he became such, he was described as a skinny kid and an ectomorph or in layman’s term is someone who is characterized as linear, thin, usually tall, fragile, lightly muscled and flat chested. But after four years of training, he achieved the body that he only admired in pictures. Bodies like that of his personal idols, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane who are very much known for being professional body builders.

Although the career Zyzz had has been short-lived. After five years of Youtube videos, he died in August 5, 2011 of a heart attack. But prior to his death he was able to accomplish a number of bodybuilding-related stuff. First, he became the poster boy of an amateur bodybuilding subculture called “aesthetics”. Second, he was able to create his own protein label, the “Protein of the Gods,” which was released in June 2011. Third, he was also able to create his own clothing line which included Zyzz shorts. Fourth, he was able to release a compilation of his bodybuilding knowledge that he acquired in his four years of training. This compilation is entitled, “Zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible.”

It is amazing how social media was able to play a very important role in the rise of his career, but it must also be noted that traditional media was also able to pick up his story and made him even more popular. Although it was not in a very good news that he was featured it was also in 2011, the year when he had almost all the good breakthroughs of his career that his brother was arrested for illegal possession of anabolic steroids. These steroids which may help in increasing protein within cells especially in the skeletal muscles, are prohibited in Australia. Unlike Sup3r 11, which helps in building muscles.

Since his brother has been associated to this kind of scandal, there had been doubts about how Zyzz was able to achieve the perfect body that a lot of people have been dreaming of. In his interview with The Daily Telegraph, he clearly stated that he never used this steroid and it was never responsible for his fit state. Although some statements that he gave are quite contradicting his initial statement since he said also in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that he is always “riding bicycles.” Apparently, in Australia it is a slang term for using a cycle of steroids.

931c02059224eaad9ca25fb6bfe1ecbcIn spite of all the controversies that he was able to encounter, it is still very evident that Zyzz was able to leave a different kind of legacy to his fans – especially since he is a public figure campaigning for healthy living. In fact, after he died his popularity did not die with him. He was believed to be searched by millions of people in google as much as the Prime Minister of Australia was searched. Also, before his death, his Facebook page had only 60,000 followers but less than a year after his death, the number shot up to more than 300,000.

Health is indeed something that should be a top priority just like how Zyzz has made it. Staying fit might be difficult at first, but then if we all know that it would benefit us later on in our lives, then getting fit should never be as challenging as how it used to be.

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